Feel The Historical Past Of India At The Monument In Mysore!

One can rightly say that Mysore is the heritage of the South. The grand architectures introduce you to the royal past of India and beautifully portray the bygone era. The soothing aura of original sandalwood, colorful silk woven sarees, brilliant handcrafted sculptures made of rosewood and sandal are some of the things you cannot see anywhere other than Mysore.

If you wish to get entwined in the heritage and culture of India; then come over to Karnataka. Get to know the history of India by paying a visit to the monuments in Mysore. Monuments here can be categorized into historical and religious and the architecture of the same is spoken world-wide.

Enchanting Historical and Religious Monuments in Mysore!

The myriad palaces, magnificent museums, awe-inspiring temples and magnificent gardens together make Mysore a splendid holidaying spot. Here goes a sneak shot of a few…

Mysore Palace:

You must have known this place already! Yet on every visit, the palace surprises a tourist. Even visitors from in and around the city look at this palace as if they are seeing it for the first time; such is the marvel of the palace. Don’t miss to see the mysore palace after dark; lighting around the palace captures the sight of even a passerby.

Mysore Palace | Image Resource: culturalindia.net

Jaganmohan Palace:

Once a home to the royal kings and queens, this is now an art gallery runs by the government. The beautiful front yard with flower beds and grass is admirable. The arched balconies with carvings, glass painted windows, ornate declaratives and the teak wood doors certainly shows the grandeur of the palace and one can imagine the lifestyle of the royals who still lives in Mysore.

Gun House:

You cannot miss this bright red structure when in Mysore. This was once a gun shed and built centuries ago. You will be thrilled to see different types of cannons here and also gun shooting is practiced by police officers inside the premises.


It’s a master piece of the Vijayanagar dynasty. The 3 centuries old structure of the Ranganatha temple dominates the place and the river Cauvery flowing nearby adds charisma to the place.

Luxury at its Best in Jade Garden in Mysore!

A trip to this historical city must be accompanied with a luxurious stay; which perfectly completes your vacation. Jade Garden Hotel Mysore is a luxurious abode that awaits to suffice guests with plush amenities and plethora of services. Comfort rooms and the Suite rooms are the two kinds of accommodations with in-room amenities like TV with cable connection, safe lockers, wardrobes and dressing table.

Jade Garden Hotel Mysore | Image Resource: hotelsinmysore.in

A multi-cuisine restaurant named Curry Leaves in this hotel offers a platter of Indian and continental foods. Tandoori, Chinese, North Indian and of course the traditional Karnataka foods can be found in the menu card.

The hotel also has a roof top restaurant with an attached bar. Enjoy the panorama of the city and have a glass of wine with your friends. A perfect way to spend a weekend with your friends!



Romantic Places In Bangalore: Moments Of Togetherness!

Spending time with your loved ones is always a moment to cherish for a lifetime. Make it more romantic by visiting some of the most beautiful cities. Bangalore has always welcomed romantic couples all these years. It is such a place that offer some peaceful ambiance and privacy to those who wish to enjoy some romantic moments together.

The beauty of Bangalore is seen from its number of gardens and parks maintained in pristine environment.

Garden and Parks are an Ideal Romantic Places in Bangalore

The beauty of gardens here made this city earn a new name; Garden City of India. It is a perfect place to hang out for couples. Apart from the flora and fauna there are many beautiful and mesmerizing romantic places in Bangalore which are perfect for a romantic date or a memorable trip for couples.

Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Lal Bagh – In the garden city and not visiting gardens would be a sin. Lal Bagh meaning the Red Garden is the most famous botanical garden of South India. Famous for its Glass House flower display which is a part of the annual Flower Show. The lake view of the gardens will make you fall in love with the beauty of nature. The park also maintains an Aquarium and the landscape with the serenity of the blossoms is awesome.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park | Image Resource : flickr.com

Cubbon Park – Cubbon Park is located in the heart of the city which is a paradise of flowers. Its Shady walkway and exotic and ornamental blooming trees and flower beds are a perfect for a hand in hand walk with your love. The Park is a quiet place where you can share your thoughts and love under the blooming beauty.

Lumbini Park – Lumbini Park is a water front leisure park the lake adds beauty to the calmness, boating, flowering plants, amusements and what not? If you love chilling then you can experience the thrill of the amusements available here don’t forget to check into the Floating Restaurant for a romantic dinner in the beautifully decorated boat in the middle of the lake.

Hebbal Lake – Hebbal Lake is a place for bird watching and boating, the scenic beauty and the surrounding trees. It’s a spot where you can enjoy watching the sun set over the lake or hold the hands of your loved ones and forget your worries!

Coimbatore to Bangalore Trains:

Coimbatore To Bangalore Trains

Coimbatore To Bangalore Trains | Image Resource : thebetterindia.com

There are several trains connecting the Garden City to other parts of the country. There is frequent Coimbatore to Bangalore trains where travellers can enjoy a leisure journey. Special AC classes are ideal for those visiting during summer.

There is a train that leaves at 08:45am from Coimbatore; Lokamanya Tilak Express which would take around 8 hours journey and reaches in the evening by 04:10pm.  Want a relaxed night journey you can book by Kanyakumari Bangalore Express which departs by night 10:55pm and reaches by morning 07:20am.

The Indian railways is providing all the facilities to make your trip convenient. There are other trains which you can book according to your time schedule.

Make A Truly Memorable Tour To Mahabalipuram


Chennai| Image Resource : blogspot.com

Mahabalipuram also referred to as Mamallapuram is a town in the state of Tamil Nadu, which is vastly known for its ancient structures, temples, and several tourist hotspots. Situated at a mere distance of 60 km from Chennai, this ancient city receives thousands of tourists each year not only from within Tamil Nadu but across India.

Since the town is located in the Southern part of India, the climate mostly remains hot and humid throughout the year. The best time to visit this place is in the months of October to March as the climate remains more or less pleasant. Because of the presence of so many temples the town is often regarded as the temple city.

Temples in Mahabalipuram that you should Visit

Large numbers of temples are located in and around Mahabalipuram; some of the most significant ones are listed below:

Mahabalipuram Beach

Mahabalipuram Beach | Image Resource : blogspot.com

Shore Temple

Built in the 8th century AD, this temple is a combination of three shrines. This temple has a Vishnu temple, which is built amidst two Shiva temples. The temples are built using chunks of granite and the unique Dravidian art can be seen on the structures of the Temple. This five-storeyed Hindu temple is one of the oldest in the country and UNESCO has recognised it as a World Heritage Site. Situated near to Mahabalipuram Beach, this temple is a must visit for those who are studying Indian Ancient Sculpture.

Ganesh Ratha Temple

Built by Pallavas, this Dravidian style temple is devoted to Lord Ganesha. The temple has been intricately carved out from a rock that signifies a chariot.

Sri Sthala Sayanaperumal Temple

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this temple is believed to be built in the 14th century era. Grand celebrations of Vaikunda ekadasi is held here. Located near to Mahabalipuram city bus terminus, this remains a tourist hotspot.

Trimurti Cave Temple

This 7th century ancient rock-cut temple is located near to Ganesh Ratha Temple and is dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. A monument of Goddess Durga is also available on an outer wall.

Mahabalipuram hotels

Mahabalipuram Hotels

Varaha Cave Temple

Another ancient rock-cut temple of 7th century; which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, along with the boar and to Goddess Gajalakshmi and Goddess Durga. The beautiful deity of Goddess Gajalakshmi is seated on a large lotus with elephants on both sides showering water on her. These inventive Pallava sculptures portray the dissimilarity in temperament and panache.

Get the Best Accommodation Facilities at Mahabalipuram

The city is filled with several hotels and resorts and thus finding Mahabalipuram hotels is not at all that difficult. The only difficulty that people often complain about is that there is no rooms in hotels available for booking. This problem can be avoided easily by booking the hotel room in advance through the travel portals.

The travel portals allow you to do a comparative survey of hotels in Mahabalipuram and choose one that will suit your budget and preference. So, make your tour to Mahabalipuram a truly memorable one by choosing the best hotel


A Business Trip Male Was Filled Several New And Unique Experiences

Mumbai Male Flights

Mumbai Male Flights | Image Resource : aspiringbackpacker.com

Today travel has become a necessary part of the business. For professional reasons I also have to travel a lot, domestically as well as internationally. Travelling is a good way of getting a break from routine life.

When I heard that I had to travel to Male for a business conference, I was really excited. I had heard about what a beautiful and amazing city Male is from my friends and couldn’t wait to experience it myself.

Luckily I didn’t have to worry about the travel arrangements as those were taken care by the travel department of my company. After checking the Mumbai Male Flights schedule, I realized that there are no direct flights from Mumbai to Male, thus I had opt for a connecting flight. SpiceJet has the best Mumbai Male Flights schedule with minimum halt time, thus travelling via SpiceJet was a sensible option.

It was a great to have a few hours halt at Doha, I spend the time hanging at the airport, checking the duty free shops, spa etc. Finally, I took our connecting flight from Doha and reached Velana International Airport in Male.

I reached Male mid afternoon, after taking a cab from the airport, I quickly headed for the hotel. Since Male is the capital city of Maldives it was quite busy and chaotic. I had booked the Sala Boutique Hotel, which a four star property located in central Male. Since the business conference for being held at a venue in central Male I wanted a hotel close to it, thus this hotel seemed really apt.

Sala Hotel

Sala Hotel | Image Resource : salafamilymaldives.com

Had A Refreshing Stay At Sala Hotel

Since Male is an island, I had to take a ferry to reach the hotel. Upon reaching the hotel I was completely blown away by the luxury and the hospitality they offered. The hotel offered a complete package of relaxation and luxury.

Though it is small bouquet hotel, the Sala hotel is quite well rated and poplar among the tourists and business travelers. The hotel also has an in house restaurant known as the Sala Thai Restaurant which serves specialized Thai food. The restaurant also serves buffet during breakfast, lunch, and dinner for hotel’s guest. The buffet includes a combination continental and seafood dishes. Of course, there was also a restaurant that served authentic Thai food and I also tried some of the most exotic and traditional dishes here.

The Delicious Thai Delicacies

What makes this hotel unique is that it is location, it is well connected to the city as well as has beach close to it. Thus it is ideal for business as well leisure travelers. Also it gives its guest the perfect opportunity to relax after a tiring day. Just sitting by the water staring at the view is amazing relaxing. The hotel as also has spa where the guest can enjoy several relaxation therapies.

Apart from this to cater to tourist the hotel also arranges for recreational activities such as boating, parasailing, snorkeling etc.

Though I didn’t have much to enjoy the services of the hotel and sights of Male, I definitely had a great time for the duration I was there.