Enjoy A Romantic Date In Mumbai

Restaurants In Mumbai

Restaurants In Mumbai | Image Resource : hlimg.com

Mumbai is a city which is known as the city that never sleeps. It is the financial centre of India and also one of the biggest metropolitans of the region. People from across the world come to Mumbai to explore its diversity in culture, food and history. It is home to some of the best ancient monuments and cities. You can visit the city of Mumbai taste authentic world class food here.

Places to Eat in Mumbai

There are many good fine dine Restaurants In Mumbai which you can visit with your loved in the city. One of the finest restaurants is The Sassy Spoon. It is having a lovely ambience and a menu full of amazing dishes and cuisines. You can taste the finest continental cuisines in the region and also some amazing beverages.

If you like to hang out in some of the rooftop restaurants then one of the best places to go is the AER which is a lounge. It is having a romantic ambience and a menu with wide varieties of things to choose from. The service is amazing and the location makes it a perfect place for a romantic date in the city.

Similarly, Bungalow 9 is also a continental restaurant located in Mumbai having world class food and beverages for the guests. You can visit this place for a romantic date and enjoy the food and drinks. The items in the menu are very reasonable priced.

Book Flights from Chandigarh

Mumbai is well connected with different cities of India by direct flights. Chandigarh is one of the cities which are having direct flights to Mumbai. You can find and book from as many as 49 direct Flights From Chandigarh To Mumbai which are operated by airlines. Services and facilities in the airlines is one of the best. You are provided with many online services and facilities which will save your time. Online ticket booking and online check in is available. You can also book meals for the journey online. The baggage allowance in this sector is one of the best. The different airlines in this region include

Flights From Chandigarh To Mumbai

Flights From Chandigarh To Mumbai | Image Resource : hdwallpapers.in

  • 14 flights by Go Air
  • 27 by Indigo Airlines
  • 8 by Jet Airways

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