Feel The Historical Past Of India At The Monument In Mysore!

One can rightly say that Mysore is the heritage of the South. The grand architectures introduce you to the royal past of India and beautifully portray the bygone era. The soothing aura of original sandalwood, colorful silk woven sarees, brilliant handcrafted sculptures made of rosewood and sandal are some of the things you cannot see anywhere other than Mysore.

If you wish to get entwined in the heritage and culture of India; then come over to Karnataka. Get to know the history of India by paying a visit to the monuments in Mysore. Monuments here can be categorized into historical and religious and the architecture of the same is spoken world-wide.

Enchanting Historical and Religious Monuments in Mysore!

The myriad palaces, magnificent museums, awe-inspiring temples and magnificent gardens together make Mysore a splendid holidaying spot. Here goes a sneak shot of a few…

Mysore Palace:

You must have known this place already! Yet on every visit, the palace surprises a tourist. Even visitors from in and around the city look at this palace as if they are seeing it for the first time; such is the marvel of the palace. Don’t miss to see the mysore palace after dark; lighting around the palace captures the sight of even a passerby.

Mysore Palace | Image Resource: culturalindia.net

Jaganmohan Palace:

Once a home to the royal kings and queens, this is now an art gallery runs by the government. The beautiful front yard with flower beds and grass is admirable. The arched balconies with carvings, glass painted windows, ornate declaratives and the teak wood doors certainly shows the grandeur of the palace and one can imagine the lifestyle of the royals who still lives in Mysore.

Gun House:

You cannot miss this bright red structure when in Mysore. This was once a gun shed and built centuries ago. You will be thrilled to see different types of cannons here and also gun shooting is practiced by police officers inside the premises.


It’s a master piece of the Vijayanagar dynasty. The 3 centuries old structure of the Ranganatha temple dominates the place and the river Cauvery flowing nearby adds charisma to the place.

Luxury at its Best in Jade Garden in Mysore!

A trip to this historical city must be accompanied with a luxurious stay; which perfectly completes your vacation. Jade Garden Hotel Mysore is a luxurious abode that awaits to suffice guests with plush amenities and plethora of services. Comfort rooms and the Suite rooms are the two kinds of accommodations with in-room amenities like TV with cable connection, safe lockers, wardrobes and dressing table.

Jade Garden Hotel Mysore | Image Resource: hotelsinmysore.in

A multi-cuisine restaurant named Curry Leaves in this hotel offers a platter of Indian and continental foods. Tandoori, Chinese, North Indian and of course the traditional Karnataka foods can be found in the menu card.

The hotel also has a roof top restaurant with an attached bar. Enjoy the panorama of the city and have a glass of wine with your friends. A perfect way to spend a weekend with your friends!



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